Monday, March 14, 2011

Rave: Human Heart Nature Intensive Hair Mask

I'm starting to get hooked into Human Heart Nature. I raved about their lip balm a little earlier. Now I'm going to talk about their Intensive Hair Mask with Avocado and Gugo Bark. I have this in Rosemary scent. I've actually had this for a while but I've been ignoring it. Recently, I've started using it frequently since it's organic and won't last long. I'm glad I did because I love it!

I tried taking pictures of the ingredients but there's something wrong with my camera so I can't. I can say though that there are no parabens, and no silicone! That's something that most commercial conditioners and hair treatments have. It's what makes the hair soft. This hair mask has none of those. It only has a lot of natural ingredients like oils and extracts. It also gives my hair a minty feeling which I love. I leave it on for 15-30 minutes. Normally, I don't leave anything on my hair for more than one minute because I'm very prone to hairfall. Normally, if I use at-home hair treatments, I tend to have a lot of hairfall. With this hair mask, however, I have almost no hairfall. Around 3 strands of hair at the most!

After I rinse the mask off, my hair is not as easy to comb as commercial conditioners and shampoos. I guess the difference is because of the silicone. However, once my hair dries, I find that it's very soft. My damaged hair (from rebonding and coloring) becomes much more manageable. It also leaves my hair more "bagsak" than commercial hair treatments. I think because there's no silicone coating my hair.

The best thing about it? I bought mine for P90. It has around 50g which is very reasonable. I think that HHN has increased the price of this, but only by around P10 or so. For sure, I'll be getting the 200g tub next time!


Pammy said...

I tried the mango one that is mentholated. While I liked the mentholated feel (except when I rinse my hair because it feels like I'm pouring ice water on my head), it made my hair dry and brittle. :(

Crystal said...

sayang it didnt work for you. i find that my hair becomes more manageble with this.

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Wow, it's so inexpensive. It sounds good!

Maria said...

I have to try this! My hair needs some pampering. Thanks for sharing! :)

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