Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My Most Favorite Lip Balm to Date: Human Heart Nature Lip Balm

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I've been MIA again. Things have been really busy. Anyway, I'd like to share with you a great find! Actually, it was my sister who bought this. She told me to try it and I fell in love!

Human Heart Nature Lip Balm in Peppermint

I love the minty feeling from the peppermint oil! I put this on before I sleep and when I wake up the next day it really makes a difference the next day! My lips are much more moisturized. Three days of using this and my lips are really in tip-top shape!

Plus, it's organic! No chemicals there, just a lot of ingredients that are good for you. See the ingredients for yourself:

The picture is a little dark, but as you can see, no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, etc!

And the best part, it only costed me P55! The regular price is P65 but it's on promo right now. Nevertheless, P65 is still very, very affordable!

I'm really loving this that I bought one for myself already!


Askmewhats said...

I've heard NOTHING but GOOD stuffs about the brand, I just don't have time to go around to try and purchase their brand, for sure, if I see their booth somewhere, I'll definitely try this, you know how much I am into balms!

Pammy said...

Nice review. Diba meron na sila ng tinted na lip balm? I'll try this one of these days when I get tired of my beloved Mentholatum. :P

Crystal Gale said...

congrats on having an HG lip balm...does HHN have a lipbalm without peppermint? :)

Crystal said...

nikki, try sesou nature source. they carry this brand

pammy, yup they have one with a tint. i just purchased it recently. ill let you know how it goes

gale, yes they have watermelon and choco vanilla :)

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