Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Much Does It Cost to Keep You "Beautiful?"

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I'm not into branded bags, shoes or clothes. Instead, I put my money into prettifying myself. That wouldn't be a problem if I were rich, but I just started working less than two years ago, so I can't say that I'm making a lot lot lot of money. When I recently started computing how much I spend  a month to maintain myself, here's what I got:

Dermatologist: 1,600
Waxing: 450 (thank goodness I have an epilator for other body parts) + tip
Pedicures: approx. 500 plus tip
Hair maintenance: 600-800 for hot oil treatments and haircuts. This is still apart from my rebonding sessions.

So that's already more than P3000 a month, which is still exclusive of rebonding, beauty products, makeup, etc. Yikes!

What about you? How much do you spend on prettifying yourself?


notjustminerals said...

Hi Crystal! Hmm, for me I spend the ff/month:
Derma: P550
Wax:N/A coz I had IPL 3 years ago for my UA and I use my Epilator for my legs weekly
Hair: N/A coz I get a cut 2x a year at most and I color my hair at least 2x a year on my own
Mani/Pedi: N/A coz I do it myself
That's it!

Music said...

Hi there. It's funny, I've been away for lots of months and this is one of the first posts I'm reading! :)

I'm actually quite low-maintenance, as I only go to hairdresser twice a year. I don't wax (only use razor for underams), do my own nails, and I haven't gone for facials for many years now. So most of my "beautifying" expenses are purely buying skincare and makeup products. That alone costs enough $$ to keep those companies in business!! :)

herroyalbleakness said...

Good question! Time to review some financial liabilities :D

I'm a bit less splurge-y with primping products :) on the average, i spend no more than 2,500 for kikay stuff every month. (1k for derma monthly or every other month; 1400 for meds that last me 3 months; 350 for haircut which I get every 2 mos; Hair color 355 (pag free hair color)to 550 every 3 months).

i spend more on fashion stuff and books. ayoko na magcompute at baka magwala ang bulsa ko. LOL

The Kikay Girl said...

I realized this about a year ago and since then I've been DIY-ing. :P Every month, i probably spend around just Php500 on everything. That includes - waxing, hair trimming, nailcare, facials, hair spa. :D

Crystal said...

wow, i spend a lot! kudos to you girls for doing all of these on your own.

Crystal Gale said...

I got this thinking a couple of years ago too :)

Before, I used to spend a lot on splurging but I think I was able to turn it down now...

I do my own nails and eyebrows...I don't wax at all so that's a big saving na hehe

I have my haircut once or 2x a months and that's Php500.. I just use hair treatment at home instead of getting hot oil treatments at salons.

My expenses for my skin are just acne meds that I use for 3-4 months and the every now and then buying of cleanser and stuff :)

I'm so glad I really stopped buying makeup every month...I do it every 3-4 months now haha ^_^

Crystal said...

good for you gale! i should cut down too :P

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