Monday, November 29, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review Part 2

Hello everyone! Still enjoying the holiday? I for one enjoyed the rest. Anyway, I promised that I would show you the Naked Palette in action. So here is some sample work showing the colors in action. I told 'ya guys that I haven't been able to put it down since I got it last week. I reckon that pretty soon, I'll be needing a new one.

Here are some samples. Note that I'm only listing the colors that came from the Urban Decay Palette. For pictures 2 and 3, I used a different brand for the highlight colors.

Sample number one using the most matte colors in the palette:

 photo by John Richard Velasquez

Highlight: Virgin
Lid: Naked
Crease: Buck

Sample number two:

photo taken by John Richard Velasquez

Lid: Half Baked
Crease: Smog
Outer V: Dark Horse

I hope this last picture won't hurt your eyes too much. I'm posting this to show some more samples. Tee hee!

photo taken by Jomel Tadeo

Lower lid: Hustle
Upper lid: Toasted

And there you have it. The colors in action! If you do a lot of neutrals, this is the palette for you :)


DeBi said...

ikaw yung last pic? ang ganda!!!

Pammy said...

You look gorgeous! :P

Crystal said...

debi, hehe that's me :)

pammy, thanks!

herroyalbleakness said...

OMG, Crystal! Haha... so pretty! You did stand out among those other headshots :D

I hope you can sport a look where you're wearing your fave UD pigment --- Sin! that is, if you have time to play around with the palette.

Crystal said...

herroyalbleakness, sin is very neutral so baka hindi rin halata sa pictures, but i'm pretty sure i've done an fotd with sin na. definitely, i have pics sa fb using sin :)

Askmewhats said...

Love your photo Crystal!!!great work!

Crystal said...

thank you nikki :)

la mì said...

amazing post!
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kiss kiss^^

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