Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Azta Urban Salon Experience

If you've seen me recently, you'll know that the longest part of my hair reaches my waist. Honestly, I've been wanting to have a haircut for a while but I never got around to it. I really needed it, though, since my hair is really doused in chemicals from both rebonding and coloring. I finally found some free time, in Katipunan, while waiting for rehearsals to start. Among the salons there, I finally decided on Azta Urban Salon. I've only gone to Azta once, for a pedicure, back when I was still a student. Even back then, I loved getting pedicures but really didn't want to shell out a lot of money for a haircut. Heck, if I could get a haircut for only P50, I would. I remember that one of my friends frequently got her hair cut in Azta, and I'd always say, "mahal!(expensive)" Now that I'm working, though, I can afford to pay more than P50 for my haircut. Haha! Nevertheless, I'm still not willing to spend more than P300 for a haircut, so Azta was right within my budget. Yes, I'm stingy I know :P

All-in-all, I'd say it was a pleasant experience. The staff is very courteous. The place is comfy and I love how you don't need to lie down when it's time to rinse off your hair because of the way the seats are positioned. Plus, since it was raining, they said they'd give me a free hot oil treatment! It smells guy-ish but I'm not that bothered by it. Hey, for P200 (I got the most junior stylist), you really can't beat that!

The downside, they do try to sell you some products, but they're not too pushy about it. The assistant was telling me about a product good for my hair since it's rebonded and colored and then I asked him what it was. He then left me to get that product, but I told him to finish drying my hair first. He didn't push me again after that, so it's not so bothersome. Another downside, most of the magazines were Candy! Haha, I'm a little too old for that, I think.

I just got a simple layered haircut, nothing too fancy but I love it! I have a little bit of side bangs going on. I'll definitely be back there. Since I still have my coupon from my 2010 BDJ planner, I'll be having my INOA there before the year ends!

Here's me in the grocery a couple of hours after. Yes, I was bored. Excuse the messed up hair, I didn't have a mirror. I just took shots :P LOL


Pammy said...

You look pretty with the haircut. :P I also get my haircut at Azta Urban Salon in Eastwood. Never have I been disappointed. Yeah, they try to sell you some products and after the assistant handed it to me, the receptionist immediately asked if I will get it and I firmly said no and they stopped. :P

Anonymous said...

your hair really looks nice! i had my relax at azta in eastwood recently. and yeah they definitely lessened the sales pitches which is good, because that can be quite a turn-off. my only gripe about my last visit was, they didn't offer drinks anymore. i had to ask for it pa.

Crystal said...

pammy, yeah parang azta is really known for trying to sell products noh?

lootwagon, they offered drinks before? i didn't know that. sayang, i wasn't offered some. hehe.

Askmewhats said...

I like your haircut! Never tried their salon pa :)

Crystal said...

hey nikki, try mo minsan. cheap-ish naman :) hehe

herroyalbleakness said...

ooohhh... i see everyone's getting their hair cut!

i had mine to a bob just last Sunday. i look like a boy!

Crystal said...

dear, di naman siguro. di ka lang cguro sanay :)

Cosmetic said...

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