Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Product Spotlight: Denman Large Styling Brush

I've never done a review on a hair product before but I just had to for this one. I've never been one to care for hair, but since I'm taking hair classes now, our teacher recommended this brush to us for our styling brush. I didn't buy this because it costs a ton of money so I bought a small cheapy styling brush. I had a hard time blow drying using it. Our teacher told us that the Denman brush is really good because it really has strength. Instead of getting stuck in the hair, this brush can really roll down to remove all the tangles when blow drying. So, after having a hard time with my cheapy styling brush, I went to Beauty Bar and closed my eyes!

I have to say that this brush really gets the job done. It can really go down on the hair. The only downside? The price. It costs a whopping P995 (around $20).

Will I buy this again? I hope not. For it's price, I'm hoping it will last a lifetime! LOL. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


LADY JOAN said...

Yes girl! You will definitely keep this forever..!! foreals! bf's cuzn gave this to me as a christmas gift years ago.. and it is still good as new! looks new.. feels new.. the bristles are still the same the first time i got em!

this is for keeps! thanks for doing a review!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i have this brush!!my grandma has one too she totally loves it.masarap din pangkamot hehehe.pero quite pricey for a brush,my son tried using this on me eh hindi pa okay ang control ng hands ng baby so nangyari parang hinampas niya ako ng brush sa ulo its heavy ouch

witoxicity said...

Ha ha, you're right. For that price, it had better last a lifetime! :)

xxNikkiDooxx said...

My mom has this until now, and to think she had it during her college days, pero d nya na gnagamit cause she bought another one. I have one too, bought it 2 years ago, ok parin xa. Love it. :D

Ida said...

My college roommate had this brush and I borrowed it all the time, hehe. It felt really good on my scalp. I might have to buy one. I got a small black denman brush instead but this is better :)

Crystal said...

lady joan, wow i'm glad that this is really sturdy!

shobe, you're right it's heavy nga. glad to know you and your mom both love this.

witoxicity, yah i'm hoping it does!

Crystal said...

nikkidoo, wow college pa? amazing.

ida, yah the bigger one is definitely better not only because it covers more area but it's stronger too :)

Crystal Gale said...

I would like one but it's so expensive! but according to the comments here, mukhang matibay..hmmm should I get one? haha ^_^

Crystal said...

gale, it's up to you. but i'd say it's a good investment if you're into hair brushes.

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