Sunday, January 24, 2010

On Loyalty Cards and What Nots

I only have a few loyalty/discount cards: SM Advantage, Healthy Options Green Card, Health Express and Bench Lifestyle Card. I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts.

SM Advantage
Price: P150.
Validity: 2 years.
Points/Rebates: P150-250 spent is to 1 point (1 peso worth) depending on what the purchase was (gasoline, groceries, department stores)
Money needed to earn back application fee: P22,500-37,500 in 2 years
Worth it IMO? Only if you gas up in Petron and do groceries in SM Supermarkets. Otherwise, no.

Healthy Options Green Card
Price: Free with a single purchase of P2,000
Validity: No expiry, but card has to be renewed
Points/Rebates: P10 is to 1 point (unsure of how much 1 point is worth though, have to double-check)
Money needed to earn back application fee: N/A
Worth it IMO? Yes.

Health Express Discount Card
Price: P400
Validity: 1 year
Points/Rebates: 20% discount on all items
Money needed to earn back application fee: N/A
Worth it IMO? Yes.

Bench Lifestyle Card
Price: P100-150 (not sure)
Validity: 5 years
Points/Rebates: P10,000 spent equals to 200 points/pesos (P50 gets you P1) for cash purchases. You only get half the points for card purchases. PCX is an exception because you only get ¼ the points.
Money needed to earn back application fee: P5,000-P7,500 in 5 years
Worth it IMO? Yes.

I shop in Rustans quite frequently but since I don't like the points of the Frequent Shoppers Card 2, I didn't get one. Here's the stats:
Price: P350
Validity: 2 years
Points: P1,000 equals to P5 (P200 gets you P1)
Money needed to earn back application fee: P70,000 in two years
Worth it IMO? Come on, there's no way I'm spending P35,000 a year in Rustans! Maybe when I'm earning the big bucks.

So, what do you think are the worth it cards out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Chrissy said...

Wow! I have only an SM Advantage card, but we're always at SM so I guess it pays for itself. Haha. We usually accumulate P350 in points a year (we share a card in my family).

Crystal said...

well if one family shares a card then yes, it's worth it. i just share it with my sister so hindi siya worth it for me.

Sush said...

I used to have an SM dvantage card. I think I was able to rack 60 pesos only haha I dont get loyalty cards cause i always forget to bring them hehe

melvel said...

Before, Rustans' FSP gave you P600 for every P20,000. That was the best deal among all the loyalty cards. But with this new scheme, sobrang walang incentive to enroll. So I passed.

Crystal said...

sush, haha my SM advantage card is nearing 2 years old and i still haven't made enough points to pay for the application fee either :P

mel, i know. super sulit yung old. i was going to get one na sana when i heard that it was going to be discontinued in favor of a new scheme. ang pangit noh?

Askmewhats said...

it's nice how you wrote down everything, I appreciate it! :) I have used SM advantage card for the longest time, its funny how I feel so happy each time I get Php150 rebate, pero come to think of it, how much did I spend to get that rebate amount? hahaha

Crystal said...

nikki, yah malaki laki rin ang nagastos mo! LOL.

GirL With GLasSes... said...

crystal, i do not understand this because i have no loyalty card whatever...

maybe i should get one? kasi mga sa sa sm lagi na lang nagsasabi kung may loyalty card ako. haha!

coffretgorge said...

thanks for sharing this! :) i have all the cards you mentioned except for the health express card. i also have the coffee bean and tea leaf's swirl card (php150 i think), mercury drug's suki card and shu uemura vip (for single receipt of php10,000) it earns points plus it gives you benefits like free makeup sessions, eyebrow shaping, etc. :D can you imagine how thick my wallet is because of the cards? LOL.

Crystal said...

jing, you might want to get it kung nasa SM ka parati at doon ka nagggrocery. ako addict ako sa watsons and hindi parin siya worth it for me :P

coffretgorge, ooh i agree about the CBTL swirl card. it's good value for money too. 10k worth in shu? i'm not ready for that yet.

MereMakeupManiac said...

i got Bench Lifestyle card too and besides Bench, i use it when i purchase at Aldo accessories. haven't tried exchanging for the points i've accumulated yet, but i suppose it's worth it as well.

i also have SM Advantage and i like it because we always go there for shopping, most of the time.

Crystal said...

mhean, i use my bench card for when i purchase at the face shop and when i buy christmas presents in bench. LOL. regarding SM, i'm glad you find it useful.

nikkiz. said...

I used to have Rustan's FSP too and was able to use it 3x for the P600 rebate, sulit talaga. I didn't renew it coz pangit na nga yun new one. I didn't renew my SM Advantage too coz I rarely go to SM. Okay dati bec. it was a few blocks away from where I worked.
The Healthy Options card is sulit for me. You get P50 rebate for every P1K you spend, plus the monthly mags. My card is fairly new so I don't know the other incentives. I still have to get a Bench card pala kung sulit sya.

melvel said...

Bayo's discount card is also one of the most sulit, IMO. You just need P15000 worth or purchases in a span of one year, and you get a lifetime discount card (10% off on all merchandise except bags and accessories). Unlike the discount cards of Kamiseta and Plains and Prints which have to be renewed every year.

Crystal said...

nikkiz, sulit ang bench card if you go to the stores that are affiliated with bench. oo nga pangit yung new rustans.

mel, hey the bayo card is ok pala? i don't shop often in bayo anymore e. i used to though. thanks for informing me. i'll keep it in mind.

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