Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Teeth Whitening Experience at You and Your Teeth Dental Clinic

A few months ago, I won a free teeth whitening session from The Drama Queen, who was a dentist! So I finally paid her a visit. And she performed a Pola Whitening session on me. No, this is not the whitening session that celebrities use, this is the more tame version which I think is better for people like me who don't want uber white teeth but still want their teeth to be whiter than it really is. I have slightly yellowish teeth from too much coffee, tea and softdrinks so I could really use something like this. I wasn't able to take a before shot, but here's how it looked like after:

I'm sorry my teeth are crooked! Yes I need braces. I'm so happy with the result because my teeth did get noticeably whiter! The drama queen, Crickette is not only pretty but she's nice too! She patiently answered all my questions about teeth. LOL I'm very happy with how my teeth turned out.

Would you like to have this done? Are you looking for a dentist? You can check out here clinic: You and Your Teeth Dental Clinic, located in #16-D Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Or you can click here to find out more!


Music said...

Lovely white teeth! :)

You're FINE the way you are, you should have seen my sister's wonky teeth. They're the ones that adds "character" to your face.

Crystal said...

music, thanks for your words of encouragement!

...crickette... said...

hey Crystal!!! i still feel bad that i didnt have my cam that day (of all days noh?) so we werent able to take a before and after pic!

anyway, happy holidays!

Crystal said...

hey crickette, no prob! sayang i wasn't able to take a pic of your clinic. right when i was going to use my cam phone it died kasi :( happy holidays to you too!

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