Thursday, May 07, 2009

Recent Hauls + Award

Let me show you a picture of my recent hauls. Mind you, I did not buy them all at the same time! I'm not that rich. LOL.

Anyway, since Stila is having some problems and is refinancing, I thought it was best to purchase some items already since I really don't know what will happen to them.

I bought the Stila Contouring Trio, it comes with tiny lights as you can see on the side. I'm sorry I forgot to swatch them, though.

Anyway, I also bought a set of mini Smudgepots. It has the bestselling colors: Black, Bronze and Gray. For me, Stila Smudgepots are better than MAC Fluidlines. However, I didn't expect it to be this small. When it said mini, they really meant it! This is much smaller than the regular Smudgepots (which is big). This is smaller than MAC Fluidline. I purposely didn't swatch it to prolong its lifespan since I still have my MAC Fluidline.

My Lumiere Pre-buy brushes have finally arrived! Thank you Grace (OD from Girltalk) for hosting these! We made our order last January pa and it finally arrived. I ordered the LHK, FO and angled FO. I haven't washed these so I can't say how they are. The LHK is very soft though. They're very well packaged for shipping! I can't wait to join Lumiere's next prebuy to get some more brushes since I regretted not buying the FT.

I also got my loot from EG minerals from an order we placed last January! LOL. It's been with Grace all this time. Thank you for holding this for me.

And here are my recent purchases from Rustan's. A Coffret D'Or liquid pen. This is my 2nd one already. It's not boxed anymore since I started using this already. Gia also informed me that Fasio mascaras are back in stock at Rustan's Gateway (Thank you Gia!) so I bought one when I happened to be in the area since I've been dying to try it for a long time.

I also got this friendship award from Chrissy, Donnarence, Khymm and Soapaholic. Thank you dearies! Mwah mwah mwah!
The rules are:

1. Take your award here

2. Put the logo on your post

3. Link the person who awarded you

4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers

5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours

6. Leave a message for your nominees

So now, I'm passing this to 7 different bloggers:

1. Nikki

2. Nlng*Star

3. Gale

4. Shasta

5. Aileen

6. Yumeko

7. Blair


Blair said...

I just gave you the exact same award!! hahaha

check out my blog, I posted my pic, arghh!!!

donnarence said...

i love the haul crystal.. really nice especially those brushes.. :D

Blair said...

Oooh in my excitement, I forgot to comment about your purchases!

A tiny tidbit: Stila just pulled out from Malaysia - they had a 50 - 70% sale last month. It's a pity that I didn't get to snag anything except for an e/s duo =[

Love your haul!! I'm in a primer&contouring kick right now, so your haul is right up my alley!

Thank you for the compliment!! But honestly my cheeks has some scars. I purposely took that picture with my mobile to minimize the ugliness factor hahaha

Crystal said...

blair, yah, i saw your post right after i posted mine. lol! regarding stila, yeah i read that they pulled out of malaysia, which is why i'm getting worried and bought some stuff.

donnarence, the lumiere brushes were so cheap since they were on a prebuy.

Anonymous said...

yay! tell me what you think about it K? :D ooh and is that coffret d'or liner water proof? when i checked the counter (at megamall) I saw that kate and coffret almost have the same quality but big price difference. :D

Chrissy said...

Great haul, Crystal!! Wow, I'm worried about Stila too, I'm wondering if I'd ever get to try their products. Why don't you try other gel eyeliners? Or is Stila really the best?

Crystal said...

hi gia, i like coffret d'or liner although i've never tried kate. it's not as waterproof compared to other liners (when i try it in my hand) but for some reason, it works better on my oily lids than others.

chrissy, i've tried coastal scents gel liners, MAC fluidlines and stila smudgepots. for me, stila is the best! i'm curious about trying the makeup masala gel liners and bobbi brown gel liners (although it's also around the price of MAC fluidline, i think).

ning * star said...

aw. I got an award. thank you. haha, lol, i think we gonna award each other. haha =P
thank you so much!

my beauty corner said...

FINALLY :D i need to get my own Fasio mascara too! :D ohh where did you get the smudgepots? nice haul, by the way :)

Askmewhats said...

thank you for the award sis! :) :) :)

wow on your hauls and you are lucky to have bought some Stila while they are on big big sales :) Enjoy the goodies you got and can't wait for your reviews

herroyalbleakness said...


**drooling on your stila haul**

where'd you get em? i want the smudgepots :S LOL, mini as in mini huh?

Crystal said...

nlng*star, it's my pleasure!

mybeautycorner, i got it from ebay.

Pammy said...

i like your smudgepots and brushes! nice haul :D

Crystal said...

nikki, yeah i grabbed the opportunity already!

herroyalbleakness, i got these from ebay and yeah they're really tiny compared to the regular-sized one.

Crystal said...

pammy, thank you! you know what, now ko lang narealize, ikaw pala si sugardrop sa GT!

Yumeko said...

aww thank you! i very much appreciate it!!!!

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal, thanks for the award! I'll do this tomorrow coz I still have work today and I don't have anything to post haha :)

by the way, if you are looking for a gel liner that's waterproof, check out Smashbox gel liner..I tested it last week both on my upper lashline (without any e/s primer) and on the back of my hand...the one omy eyes lasted me the whole day without any smudging and the color intensity is the same as when it is freshly applied...I also tried rubbing the swatch I made on the back of my hand..but it didn't budge! I tried rubbing it again with water but it still looks you might want to try it out..It cost P1,100 in Beauty Bar (trinoma) if i'm not mistaken :)

Crystal said...

yumeko, no prob.

gale, yeah i read your review about it. thank you i'll check it out, but i probably won't be buying soon since i just bought my stila loot. tee hee!

Ida said...

nice haul :) how are the fo brushes? the liquid liner looks pretty.

The Shades Of U said...

Thanks girl, I am honored! *hugs* love your new layout, so fresh and girly. :) Of course, the Stila haul is drool-worthy!

Crystal said...

ida, i haven't tried the brushes yet because i just got them. :P

aileen, i'm glad to you like the new layout.

Whit said...

great haulings! wow!!

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