Sunday, May 31, 2009

Being Filipino!

Finally, here is my entry to Mszcheysser's contest!

Here's what the contest is about:

ATTENTION MY LOVES :) I am holding a contest - just for you.
Ever since, I joined blogger, I made several friends from the Philippines who contacted me about how they are not able to get NYX and other American's brands. Because I know how it is to be in their shoes (alot of websites, doesn't want to send to Guam either!), I decided to do a contest for those only in the Philippines! (Since there's alot anyways, mainly for the United States) So what are the requirements? 01. You must be a follower of my blog, of course! 02. You must be in the country of the Philippines. 03. You must be able to get a package from USPS. So what's the contest? 01. In your blog, list down
  • 5 things that you enjoy about being a Filipina/Filipino
  • 5 things that about being a Filipino
  • 5 values that you keep as a Filipino
  • 5 stereotypes that represent you (Pointing with your lips, when you give directions)
  • Talk about one filipino celebrity that you admire

Pick any one of them! I'M NOT SAYING TO TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. That's too much. =P

02. Be creative, add pictures/videos e.t.c
03. Link me in your blog! :)

How do you win?

01. I will be judging - and I will ask 1-2 other fellow bloggers from Guam to help me!

What are the prizes?

01. In my package, I will include products from NYX (Mainly, because this is the most common thing that I get comments about) and "Insert SECOND common Drug Store Brand in here".

** Please comment me, telling me which drug store brand that you are having a hard time finding in the Philippines, as well. If you are the winner, I will shop for your prize. :) And also, that you're entering in my contest! LOL.


And create a look with the Philippines' flag color, I will include a GRAND PRIZE. That is if you win.


I would like to end this on June 7, 2009, so that I can send the package with my parents when they go to the Philippines but date might change to June 30, 2009 if I decide to just send it with USPS. I will let you know. =)

Sorry that I will not be able to provide High-end prizes - I'm being realistic! I need some more of those myself, lol. xD

Just to let the public know, I don't mind how many people join. It could be 1 or it could be 100, I just want to help someone without having to swap - I just did a different approach. & It's a great way to learn know more about the ladies. [Edited 8:51pm of 05/22]
Justify Full
So here is my version:

5 things that you enjoy about being a Filipina/Filipino
1. Being bilingual: We have our own language but we can speak good English as well! In fact, if you're not Tagalog, you can probably speak 3 languages (English, Tagalog and another dialect)!
2. It's easy to find your way because everyone is always willing to give you directions on the street
3.We have so many beautiful beaches. A lot of tourists go visit there. I admit that I'm not much of a beach person but just the view of the beaches are really beautiful.

4. I enjoy being courted! Hhere, the old-style way of courting is still being done, especially in the provinces. The guy's job is to woo the girl, making us feel like princesses! Then the time will come when you say yes or no to the guy, then after that you're officially bf-gf.
5. We have a lot of godparents! Seriously! We add more godparents for each rite of passage (baptism, first communion, confirmation). Hence, lots of presents during Christmas!

5 things that about being a Filipino
1. We're multicultural: Filipinos are made up of ethnic groups, with its own language, tradition, dishes, etc.
2. We have soooooo many words to refer to family members, including distant ones and in-laws. For example, in English, in-laws are referred to as mother-in-law or sister-in-law, but in Tagalog, each in-law has a different name.Ii admit i can't keep up with all those names!
3. We have a lot of nice churches. These little gems are found in the provinces. They are small, old but wow! The art inside is quite breathtaking!
4. We throw great "fiestas!" These fiestas are also very popular attractions! Some of the most popular are the Pahiyas Festival in Quezon and the Ati-atihan in Aklan! Be prepared for a lot of free food, street dancing and bands!

5. We're everywhere! There are Filipinos all over the world.

5 values that you keep as a Filipino
1. Being family-oriented: In the Philippines, most people don't move out until they marry. In fact, some people don't even leave home even after they marry! The family then becomes an extended family.
2. we're great at hospitality. When we have guests, we always make sure they are extra comfortable. We prepare special food and give them the most comfortable accomodations that we can.
3. we're known as being warm, patient people.
4."Utang na loob." This is hard to explain. Literally, it means "internal debt." It's like when someone does you a big favor, you show them kindness and generosity in return. It's like saying, "I'm forever in your debt." Whether it may be good or bad, it's one of the values that we keep.
5. Optimism. I saw a news report once that said that a survey showed that filipinos are one of the happiest people in the world. I believe so too! Even if we're a developing country and life is not easy, Filipinos still manage to keep their heads up high and look at the bright side.

5 stereotypes that represent you
1. the way we use flowery words to talk about our sexual organs. When i say flowery, i mean it! We have words like hiyas (jewel), perlas (pearl), ari (own) to refer to our sexual body parts.
2. The way we always understand each other from using the word "ano." It means, "what." For some reason, even if we say, "kunin mo yung ano sa ano (get the what from the what), we understand what the other person is saying!
3. We can eat food on a banana leaf. Yep!
4. We have a technique for eating with our hands (newly-washed hands, of course) without looking like slobs.
5. We love to sing! karaoke is everywhere! in the mall and in the streets!

Talk about one filipino celebrity that you admire
I admire Chin-Chin Gutierrez. Not only is she pretty, but she chooses her projects well. She chooses shows that have substance. It's sad that there's a lot of not-so-good quality tv shows and movies out now. she sings too! But that's not only what she does, she's also an activist. In fact, she was even featured in the cover of Time Magazine Asia.

And now for the look...

The Philippine flag is red, white and blue, with yellow for the stars. So here's what I did:

I place blue on the outer 2/3 of the lid (I didn't have a blue like this so I mixed two different colors to get this blue), yellow on the inner 1/2 of the lid, white on the brow bone and in the lower lashline, and the red on the lips!

I'm not smiling!

Products used:

Lauress Minimalist

Coastal Scents Gel liner in Silk White
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette for blues and yellow
Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette White
Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Zero
Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Yeyo
Loreal Telescopic Mascara

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Ripe Rose
Ellana Liquid Lip Color in Allure


mszcheysser said...

OMG! You did more than what is expected! Thank you for entering girl!

donnarence said...

oohh lovely!! :D goodluck on the contest.. :D

Askmewhats said...

wow this is a great look! :) See how you look good with colors? Go girl!

Crystal said...

mszcheysser, lol sorry it took so long!

donnarence, thanks girl!

nikki, i have to admit i'm not used to wearing uber bright colors. my friend saw me camwhoring with that face and she was so surprised! haha.

Anonymous said...

nice choosing chin-chin gutierrez . your both pretty!

following your blog matagal na! lol

Crystal Gale said...

You did great on the look! I love how you mixed the colors :)

By the way, thanx for the heads up on the contest! I want to join too! hehe can I? :)

Good luck!

Ida said...

that's a great entry :) i'd pick chin-chin too, she's so beautiful and gutsy!

i think this is the first time i've seen you with such colorful e/s. i like the blue! :)

Crystal said...

chulalouise, hehe i like chin-chin. thanks for following me!

gale, i'm not sure if it's still open. pls check mszcheysser's blog because i think she moved the deadline.

ida, i'm glad you like it!

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