Monday, December 06, 2010

Quick Post: Rustan's Mini Haul

Last saturday, I went to Shangri-La and really couldn't resist buying a few stuff from Rustan's. First I went to Stila to get the Eye for Color Palette, which I've been waiting for since the month began. I also got a Kitten smudgepot! I love the Kitten e/s so I wanted to try out the smudgepot version.

Then I went to the back of Stila, which was NARS! I got a blush in Amour, which is great because I'm really lacking in matte blushes. I can't wait to try it out! I also bought a lip pencil in Dolce Vita, which I'm loving! Reviews to follow shortly, starting with the Dolce Vita Lip Pencil.

Here's my small haul that still burned a hole in my pocket:

But I don't feel so bad because I get to use them on my gigs (nevertheless, I'm going on a makeup no-buy after this month hehe)! Yey for a fruitful December! Have a great day everyone!


Askmewhats said...

I know what you mean, less guilt if I'm buying something for makeup train case :)

herroyalbleakness said...

yay, you finally have it! i remember the sad look you had on your face when Gateway didn't have it yet (despite the fact that the palette's been advertised 'available' on mags)

wow, Stila Kitten smudgepot... that must've looked real swell! giddy to for your future posts :)

Pammy said...

Hey, you finally have the Stila palette! :P Will wait for your reviews. :)

Crystal said...

@nikki, yes correct! hahaha

@herroyalbleakness, haha i excitedly started using na the stuff i bought!

@pammy, watch out for it. i'll do swatches :)

Kat O said...

I recently picked up my first NARS bits - Bangkok lippy and the Orgasm/Laguna mini duo - I think I'll definitely be getting more from it!
Kat x
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Crystal said...

kat, i already have BOS III but thanks for thinking of me! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Congrats on the haul! I'm pretty sure they'll look great on you...will wait for your reviews and looks :)

Crystal said...

gale, sige. i'll post one up soon :)

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