Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ellana Mineral Lip Palettes Swatched

I was so excited to see that Ellana has come up with Mineral Lip Palettes. I love glosses and tints for everyday use and I only use mineral lippies since they are less damaging than traditional lipsticks. Since these palettes are not available in their weekend bazaars in SM stores, I made time to go to their showroom in West Avenue to buy these.

Look at the front. It's very cute!

Let's look at the Butterfly Kiss Lip Palette first:

top (L-R): Impress, Venus
bottom (L-R): Bubble, Smitten

Yes, I was so excited that I actually tried one of the shades before taking a picture of it. My bad!

Here are the swatches and descriptions from the catalog:

From left to right:
Impress - tinted magenta
Venus - tinted purplish pink
Bubble - tinted light rosy pink
Smitten - tinted magenta

This palette is the one with the pinkish shades. I like this palette better because I'm biased to pinks. These are lip tints, so don't expect them to be very pigmented. Some shades are more sheer than others. My favorite shades in this palette are Venus and Bubble, because they make nice MLBB shades. I recommend Smitten if you are going for a bright pink lip.

Next is the French Kiss Lip Palette:

top (L-R): Infatuation, Bliss
bottom (L-R): Honey, Passionate

Here are the swatches:

from left to right:
Infatuation - tinted rose red
Honey - tinted light peach
Passionate - tinted earthy red

This palette is more for the ones who like peachy, earthy shades. I find Bliss to be different from all the other lip tints. It's very matte and much more pigmented that the other sheer, glossy shades. Honey is my favorite in the quad. It's the sheerest among the four but will make a nice MLBB shade.

I'm excited about these palettes and can't wait to use them!


Pammy said...

I like Bubble. :P

babysaffron said...

Thanks for the swatches..

happy New Year....

Askmewhats said...

Ang ganda, they have lipstick palette na! Perfect for MUAs!

Crystal said...

hey nikki, i'm not sure if you'll find them okay for MUAs. they're sheer kasi e. they can be used on top of lipstick siguro. i bought them for personal use :)

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