Thursday, September 02, 2010

Product Review: Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream

Phew, what a long name! Nevertheless, I've read some good reviews about this, not to mention  it's affordable! So I decided to give this a try.
According to Garnier, the active ingredients are pure lemon essence + natural peeling fruit extracts.

I don't really want to have fairer skin, but since my chest is much lighter than my face, I have to even out my skintone. Of course, I don't expect miracles from this cream, but I think it does help. After using it for more than a month, a few of my friends commented that I have gotten fairer, so I guess it works, since this is the only whitening product I'm using on my face as of now.

Here are the pros and cons IMO:

  • very affordable
  • does help whiten but don't expect miracles
  • nice lemon-y scent

  • It's not easily absorbed by the skin so it does leave a bit of a sticky feeling in the skin especially for an oily gal like me
  • You have to dip your hands in the tub so some people find this unhygienic. Use a spatula if you want it to be more hygienic
  • Can sting a bit if you have sensitive skin
I don't recommend that you skip moisturizer after using this despite the slightly greasy feeling.

This is a good choice for people who are on a budget.

How much? P199 for 50 ml.

Will I buy again? Maybe.

Rating: 3.5/5


ameraHASSANA said...

guess i'll be trying this since i'm using the day cream..thanks for sharing :)

Crystal said...

thanks for visiting andi hope it works for you :)

lavender said...

great review. Thanks for visiting me.

Miss Krimson said...

mmmm dont think we have this in canada but nice to know that its out there..!

Rachel said...

Great review! I think I'm pale enough =/ but if I ever need it I know now! ;)

Askmewhats said...

my mom in law is a Garnier skincare user :) hehehe Glad to read your reviews

Lizz said...

That's very interesting! Most peeling products I've used are wipe-off, so I've never tried an overnight one before.

Crystal said...

lavender, thanks for visiting too!

ms krimson, yah i'm sure that "whitening" products are not in in canada.

rachel, LOL

Crystal said...

nikki, yah i read your post :)

lizz, this one doesn't have visible peeling, so i'm not sure if it counts. LOL

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