Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Can't Believe It!

This is a personal issue. I really can't believe it. I went to my relatives' house today and they told me a story. My grandfather and his wife (not my lola) who are both based in the US came here sometime last year. During that time, his wife got sick and had to undergo an operation. She had it done in a VERY prestigious and high-end hospital here. Because she lost a lot of blood, she had to undergo a blood transfusion in that said hospital. Presently, she is now in the US and she's been in and out of the hospital. Lo and behold, what they discovered is that when she had her blood transfusion done, she contracted Hepatitis B from one of the blood donors. Now she already has liver damage because of the Hepa B, and she cannot recover due to her old age. I can't believe this has happened in one of the most prestigious hospitals here! Isn't it SOP to screen the blood first before transfusion to a patient? And now, she is paying for the hospital's mistake. And the hospital won't even suffer any consequences for their actions. Is this country THAT backwards? I'm sorry for ranting. I just feel so helpless and that these things still happen today.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

I'm so sorry to hear that,hun.
I'll pray for your grandma.

Askmewhats said...

I can go on forever with hospital complaints, I went through something really bad with hospitals and my mom last year which made last year the most challenging year for me...I am sorry to hear what happened to your Lolo's wife. :( I hope she gets better

maki said...

that is extremely bad bad bad.. unbelievable.. i hope you're suing or making some noise so more people become aware of these medical malpractices..
p.s. o dear god, let it not be the asian hospital..

Crystal said...

thiamere, thank you.

nikki, hay naku. grabe noh?

maki, i don't think they plan to sue. they're already quite old kasi. and no, it's not asian hospital. :)


I'm so sorry to hear that Crystal.

Same thing happened to my mom's friend. this time, the anesthesiologist (correct me if I'm wrong) apparently put excessive anesthesia in my mom's friend's body. And before the operation started, she died.

And it also happened in one of the known hospitals here.

Crystal, the hospital should be held liable for this. the management should pay for the hospital bills of your grandma!

If nothing is done against this malpractice, I'm pretty sure the same mistake will happen in the future.

I will pray for your grandma.

Crystal said...

martha, the same thing also happened to my mom's brother when she was still young. he was supposed to be my uncle but he died because of too much anesthesia. i don't know what my lolo plans to do about this because he is too far and too weak. someone i know said that here in the philippines, the law is always on the side of the hospital :(

jenobebs said...

this makes me sad.
i hope there's something that can be done regarding this situation.
if your lolo's too old to fuss about it, maybe other family members can.
the hospital should do something about this. this is so sad.

prayers for your lola to get better.

K said...

Im curious what hospital this is..

Khymm said...

so sorry to hear that. Hope your grandma gets better..=(

Sarah said...

Oh that is just awful!!! Gosh I'm so sorry to hear this! I am terrified of hospitals just because of all the dodgy stories you hear. Awhile back my cousin went into have a baby (she was perfectly healthy) and ended up having to have a C-section. Whilst under the knife one of the doctors "accidently" nicked a main artery and she ended up terribly sick. And that was in a private one too!

I really hope that she gets well soon and everything works out for her and your family. xx

Crystal Gale said...

Sad but true...Our screening procedures for blood here in Pinas is not Fool-proof so we can't really be 100% sure that it doesn't have any diseases in it.

The only solution here is: GET BLOOD from your OWN relative and trusted friends ONLY..this way, you are sure that the person the blood will be coming from is safe.

I hope you're grandparents can sue the hospital so that they can get something to support the medical bills.

coffretgorge said...

dear crystal, im so sorry to hear about this, i hope your lolo's wife (what do you call her?) gets better and finds comfort in all the prayers that are being said for her.

This is a serious issue which needs to be let out and addressed properly I wish you all the best in handling this. May God bless you and your family.

hugs :)

Crystal said...

jenobebs, i'm still not sure if the family will be doing something about it.

K, i won't say which hospital exactly. i'm just telling this so people can beware.

khymm, thank you.

Crystal said...

sarah, i'm sorry about what happened to your cousin :(

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