Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Sister Gets a Makeover + I'm Going on a Vacay!

I just love giving my friends and family makeovers, especially when they don't wear a stitch of makeup most of the time. My sister is such a person, despite me being the beauty junkie that I am. So when she went to a party, I was more than happy to do her makeup. Too bad there was no time to do her hair.

Anyway, here she is! Everyone says she looks like me LOL

Plus, I'm going on a much-needed vacation. It's just going to be nearby, in Hong Kong. I just wish it would be colder but unfortunately, it's quite warm in Hong Kong this time of year, too. I want to go shopping, but hopefully, just moderately. I don't want to open my credit card bill and get a heart attack! Wish me luck!


Maeve Rachel said...

She's so pretty =) Have fun in HK! Hope you get nice things but don't overspend! =D

Catmare said...

Your sister is pretty just like you :)

Enjoy your trip! Enjoy shopping, that's what I like best when traveling. lol.

Crystal said...

thank you girls!

Nina said...


JC! :) said...

She is so beautiful! Have fun on your trip!

Issa said...

wow, so lovely! nice makeover! have fun in your vacation! happy shopping! :)

Askmewhats said...

gosh! I thought your sister's photo is YOU!!!! ang ganda niya too! just like you! :)

Enjoy HK! oo mainit dun :( pero nevertheless, I'm sure you'll have a good time!

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