Monday, May 02, 2011

An Ode to my Favorite Brush Cleaner at the Moment

Pink soap--have any of you heard of this brand? I read about it in a few beauty blogs, so when I went to the US last year, I made sure to pick up a bottle of this. Pink Soap is a brush cleaner that's actually meant for art brushes, but according to reviews I read, it's also effective for cleaning makeup brushes. It's also very affordable at $8 for almost 250 ml. I picked this up in a local hobby shop near my mom's place.

I find that it's very effective in removing makeup, especially foundation (which I have a hard time removing with baby shampoo). It's not effective, though, in removing old stains, so for your white-haired brushes, be sure to wash them right away or else it doesn't work as well anymore. It also contains no alcohol (so it's good for your brushes), plus it smells like mild shampoo!

I'm so glad that I found a good brush cleaner that isn't so expensive!


Jessy said...

thats good to know, right now i use a deep cleansing facial cleanser fomr Olay for my brushes~~~lol cuz my old one form QUO i dont like too much


Catmare said...

Thanks for sharing this!

I only use Johnson's baby shampoo for my brushes. :)

Crystal said...

@jessy, does it work?

@catmare, i use baby shampoo for deep cleansing too :)

Askmewhats said...

Nice, thanks for letting me know :)

Issa said...

thanks for the review!

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