Saturday, November 07, 2009

How to: Men's Makeup

Before I went to Basement Academy, I had absolutely no experience doing men's makeup. I'm glad it was tackled in class because now, I can do makeup for them already. This is very handy because at some point in our lives, we'll be doing makeup for men when we do weddings, photo shoots, etc.

So here's my how-to when it comes to men's makeup:
  • Make sure to cleanse and tone very well because men normally have oilier and have more dirt on their faces compared to females.
  • Powder foundation is your best choice for males because they hate that sticky feeling on their faces; plus, men tend to be oilier. A two-way foundation is handy because you can apply it dry for men who have good skin already and then use it wet for men who need more coverage.
  • Generally, men hate looking white because they think that it doesn't look manly. Since they're not the type who are color and sun-conscious, their arms are probably darker than their face. Use the color of their arms as a guide to what foundation shade to use on their faces. However, some men do not want to look darker, so I think it's best to inform them first of what you're going to do. If they agree, then go, but if not, then use a shade that matches with their faces.
  • Don't forget to put powder in the ears and the sides of the neck to make sure that the color is even throughout the face.
  • Use concealer as needed.
  • When contouring, use downward strokes to make a chiseled appearance.
  • NEVER use anything with shimmer. It has to matte all the way.
  • Eyeliner, curling lashes and brow trimming are optional. Unless his brows are majorly thick, putting on clear mascara will do.
  • A neutral blush can be used especially for men who are pale. Blush through the forehead, chin, cheeks, etc.
  • For the lips, a cherry chapstick comes in handy, since a clear lip balm can make them look pale and most men don't want gloss on their lips.
I hope that these tips are handy if ever you decide to do makeup for males.

To finish off, I'd like to share with you an example of doing men's makeup. I made this during my makeup makeup classes in Basement Academy. HTH!


Caby said...

Good job on the men's make up. Tried it only a couple of times on my male friends and Brother. It's a little challenging though finding the exact same color as their skin tone hehe

Crystal said...

yeh, for men's makeup, it's good to stock up on dark shades of foundies.

Sush said...

Great tips :) Th guys ive had to do makeup on are surprisingly so white/fair that it was hard to find a match haha. Good thing that they had good skin though lol

Golden said...

Amazing! Thanks for the tips dearie. :)

Crystal said...

sush, haha bihira for a guy to be fair, but yeah, it happens :)

golden, thanks! hope you find them useful.

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