Monday, August 31, 2009

Haul Pt. 2: ELF and Saizen

The pictures I previously posted wasn't the end of my haul! Haha. My ELF Studio Line haul arrived after more than 1 month of waiting. We took advantage of the 50% off sale they had. Thank you September for hosting this pool. Please NOTE that I payed for this around 6 weeks in advance and I did not pay for them around the time that I did my previous haul. :P I'm not that rich.

And so, on to the pics:

These are all synthetic brushes, and yes they are soft. But the eyeshadow "C" brush is ginormous! I'm hoping it will work well because I don't like the looks of it. It's so wide (as wide as the CS big fluff brush) but not fluffy. Everything else looks good though.

I'm trying the double-ended eye primer and liner sealer, eyebrow treat and tame, eyebrow kit and the much-raved about contouring blush and bronzing powder. I bought the primer and liner sealer for the liner sealer. The reviews of the liner sealer are good but the eye primer has mixed reviews :P I've already tried the colored end of the eyebrow treat and tame and I think it's ok. I have yet to try the eyebrow kit, though. I've tried the blush and bronzer. I wish the bronzer didn't have glitters so I can use it as a contour instead, but hey, it did say bronzer. I tried it on and to my surprise, it stayed on the whole day! And guys, you know how oily my skin is :P

When I met up with September, I also adopted some of her babies. Yey! I also got her Life and Companion Brushes. I love them! They're cheap, and the right size for my small lids. The bad news is that some brushes shed, some don't.

Moving on, today I went to Saizen to buy the much-raved about charcoal mask but didn't find any! It's all gone! But I did buy some stuff: brow stencils, 2 roux sticks, an eyelash glue and an eyebrow coat. I'm curious about this since I've never seen one before :P I'll give a review about it.

That's all folks!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Basement Academy 6

Hello dearies! Sorry I'm not blogging that much lately. Anyway, if you notice my title, it says Basement Academy Day 6. Yes, I'm missing day 5 because I didn't go to class that day because I had to work. I'll be making it up with the next batch so watch out for that. Anyway, the class I missed was the smokey eye look and I missed it :( It's too bad because we had to do a smokey look for this day too. Since I didn't do it the day before, I just had to rely on what I knew about smokey eye.

So for this day, we were asked to do a 5-in-1 look. This is important for catalog work where there is one model and you have to do different looks on her. So here's my take on it:

Here's my model without makeup:

Look 1: No Makeup Makeup

Look 2: Dark Liner and Red Lips

Look 3: Cutesy

Look 4: Summer

Look 5: Evening Smokey

I really wished that I was there for the smokey look. Oh well, there's always next time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Beauty List

Have you ever wondered what stuff you'll need if you want to be a makeup artist (apart from your makeup)? Here's the "beauty list" that we were given. In it are the things that our teachers think that we should have.

1. rubbing alcohol (preferable in a small spray dispenser)
2. Cetaphil cleanser (or any facial cleanser of your choice)
3. moisturizer (hypoallergenic and non-oily)
4. toner
5. bottle of facial water spray
6. non-oily make up remover
7. eye gel - for brides' puffy eyes
8. eye cream
9. cherry chapstick - for doing men's makeup since you can't put gloss on them
10. eye drops - for red eyes
12. cotton tips
13. cotton balls
14. cape or cover cloth - so you won't spill makeup on your model's/client's clothes
15. tissue
16. paper towels
17. table towel or non-slip placemat
18. cosmetic pencil sharpener
19. small embroidery scisssors
20. tweezers
21. disposable plastic mini shaver
22. lash curler
23. headbands/clips - so your model's/client's hair won't get in the way
24. palette knife
25. mixing palette
26. breath spray - for you, not for you client
27. lash adhesive
28. sponges: wedge, circular, ellipse, sea sponge
29. small plastic bowl
30. cup/glass to use as brush stand
31. lashes
32. brush cleaner
33. disposable applicators for mascara and lips
34. roux stick - for covering gray/white hair
35. color wheel
36. small jar of petroleum jelly
37. liquid band aid (if available) - for covering crusty pimples
38. hand sanitizer
39. personal hygiene items (toothbrush, deodorant, etc) - in case shoots take long
40. first aid kit

whew! now that's a long list.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recent Hauls + Award

Over the past two weeks, I've been buying stuff that I need for makeup school. And since I'm just studying and not really a makeup artist, I'm just buying some affordable stuff and I'm not buying high end products just yet. I bought Celeteque because we need an alcohol-free toner, Pond's Cold Cream, Petroleum Jelly, Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara (both Ms. Gina and Ms. Nina love this mascara) and some Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liners. For you Maybelline fans out there, Maybelline is 20% off for all the weekends of August in Robinson's Galleria!

From HBC, I bought a cover cape so that I won't spill or stain my model/client's clothes. I also bought a San San pencil brush. Ms. Nina is so fond of using this brush to smudge the eyeliner in the lower lashline so I bought one for myself for only P65! I also bought a cherry chapstick for doing men's makeup. And from The Face Shop, I bought a taupe eyebrow pencil, which Ms. Gina recommends.

I also bought a couple of pieces from Graftobian, a brown cake eyeliner, and a concealer wheel. In my classes, I've learned the importance of having an orange concealer (and yes, I do mean bright orange) especially when doing makeup for people with darker skin tones. I mix it with regular concealer and it makes concealing dark spots so much easier. I prefer a brighter orange as compared to the orange corrective color of MUFE because I find that too light to use on darker people.

Anyway, I am BROKE!

Moving on, I was given an award by Elsa! Thank you dearie!

To accept this award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

7 things about me that MIGHT (i said might) be interesting...

1. Apart from makeup, the three things I love most are music (of course), broadway musicals and Star Trek!
2. I'm not a shoe person! I rarely buy shoes because I'm too lazy, and I love wearing flip flops more.
3. I'm also not a bag person. Unlike most gals who love collecting bags and shoes, I'm happy with just one or two bags that I know will serve me well. I'm too lazy to transfer my stuff from one bag to another.
4. I'm hoping to take my graduate studies in the US in the next two years.
5. I'm really short and I wish I were taller, but I'm not fond of wearing heels since I do a lot of walking and standing.
6. I hate liver!
7. I get migraines easily. I just need to walk under the sun for 1 minute and here comes the headache!

I pass this award to

Friday, August 21, 2009

Walang Sugat in Bulacan

Last weekend, we once again teamed up with the Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation, Inc. of Malolos, Bulacan for another restaging of Severino Reyes and Fulgencio Tolentino's Walang Sugat. Walang Sugat is a sarswela set in during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. Two lovers, Julia and Tenyong, amidst the oppression of the government and an arranged marriage, struggle to be together.

A sarswela is the Filipino version of a musical. We adapted it from the Spanish version, zarzuela, and turned it into our own style. Walang Sugat is said to be the most popular and the bestseller among the many Filipino sarswelas. I can see why; Every Filipino can relate to love, comedy and patriotism all in one show. In fact, this is where the patriotic song Bayan Ko came from.

The story may seem simple, but the main character Julia is actually a representation of our Inang Bayan. It shows how Filipinos are willing to fight for her, and that no matter what they do, we still end up being without blemish, hence the title Walang Sugat.

During the early 90's, CCP commisioned Prof. Chino Toledo to write new arrangements for Walang Sugat. Also, since, the last part of the music got lost throughout the ages, he also wrote new music for the surviving text. He also served as conductor for the hundreds of performances staged in CCP. For these performances of BKFI, he was also our conductor.

We first worked withBKFI Febuary this year when UP Diliman hosted the Sarswela Festival. UP has been heading the revival of Filipino theater art forms. Last year, UP hosted the Komedya Festival. This year's Sarswela Festival featured different sarswelas being performed by different theater groups. There were 4 main sarswelas, but there were also minor ones and some sarswela movies. I had the opportunity to play in three of those four sarswelas: Paglipas ng Dilim, Walang Sugat and Bunganga ng Pating. I'm happy that the Sarswela Festival had a very good turnout. I wonder what UP will be doing for next year.

Anyway, moving on, the government of Bulacan loved Walang Sugat that they actually sponsored bringing an orchestra all the way to Malolos, Bulacan to provide the residents with a free showing. Since Bulacan didn't have a theater big enough to accomodate an orchestra, we staged in it the provincial basketball gym only. But I was surprised at the big turnout, and as always, the people loved it.

Here are some shots I took. Sorry they're not very good. It's not easy to play and shoot at the same time. All the pictures were taken from the orchestra side.

the comedians of the show, Lucas and Monica, singing Makikiliti Kang Totoo

the battle against the Spaniards

the "dying" Tenyong saying his last farewell to Julia

Julia and Tenyong get married

the last scene, with Julia dressed as Inang Bayan

Kudos to the government of Bulacan for supporting the arts and their homegrown talent! I can only hope that there will be more of these in the future.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Basement Academy Day 4

Hello my dearies! It's time to show you my pictures from Basement Academy Day 4. That day was very interesting because each of us were going to do different looks. Our teacher for that day, Nina, said that brides today want different looks already apart from the classic bridal look. Our teacher made us draw pegs of different bridal looks. There was a no-makeup look, hollywood glamour, bohemian, mediterranean, etc. The peg that I got was mediterranean. I wasn't able to take a picture of that peg, but it was very smokey; black, bronze, and all that.

So here's my take on it. Here is the picture of my model before:

And here she is after:

Since the peg called for strong, thin eyebrows, I actually used a black eyeliner pencil to line them. I think my contour in this photo is better than my previous post. This look took me a long time to finish, but at last I was able to!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Basement Academy Day 3

Hello dear readers! Let me show you my picture from Basement Academy Day 3. For this look, we were supposed to do a classic bridal look.

Here's my model's picture before:

And here she is after:

I gave her pink lipgloss but to my surprise, it still turned to be very nude in the picture because of the yellow lights. It goes to show how much I still have to learn. I still need to work on my contouring skills here. My contour was too light to show up in the picture. I'm learning, though. BTW, I've discovered the wonders of cream foundation for troubled skin. It really works very well in hiding blemishes. For this look, I used Kryolan Ultrafoundation, which I love. I'm also a sponge convert. Before makeup school, I've always been a brush person, but now, I'm loving using sponges for liquids and creams.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Basement Academy Day 2

Hello dear readers! I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've just been really busy because I finally decided to go to makeup school. This was a hard decision since i sometimes have work at night. So yes, I skipped work a few times for this :P

We have two teachers for this class, Nina Dumpa and Georgina Desuadido. They alternate sometimes but sometimes they're together. It's because the regular teacher is on maternity leave.

For the 1st day, we did straight makeup on each other. I wasn't able to take pictures of my 1st day in Basement Academy but I took pictures of the 2nd day. On our 2nd day, we learned how to do eyebrows and countouring. I admit, I have a lot to learn about makeup and doing eyebrows is something I've never done since I just do makeup on myself most of the time. I'm also too lazy to contour but now I really have to do it now.

Here's a picture of my model before:

And here's a picture of her after:

We were asked to do a natural look and we used cream for contouring. She asked if she could just use clear gloss on her lips. Since she was only 15, I agreed to keep her looking young. I still have much to learn. I wish I had more time to practice. That's all :P

Saturday, August 08, 2009

On to the Arts....

I went to watch Dulaang UP's Lulu yesterday. At the end of the show, I was delighted to hear the cast announce that they were grieving the Death of the National Artists Awards. The National Artist Award is given by the Philippine Government to those who have made the highest contribution to Philippine Art. This year, 4 names were submitted to become National Artists, but once they were submitted, 1 name was omitted to be replaced by 4 more others. This has become so controversial and National Artists are calling it, "dagdag bawas." In a way, they find that they are butchering the National Artists Awards. A protest was staged yesterday. I really wanted to come but I had work. I'm glad to see in the news that a lot of people attended it. Let us protect the integrity of the National Artists Awards.

Amy Naree's Giveaway

Amy Naree is having a giveway. Look at the goodies she's giving away:

*Use this before going out to get a nice glowy radiant complexion*

- 1 BNIB Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Eyeliner DB-03 (Dark Blue Gitter)
*This eyeliner is gorgeous, it will give that hint of glam that you need (I love it so much I have one for myself as well)

- 1 BNIB Paul & Joe Duo Mascara in Blue
*Blue mascara makes the eyes pop and makes the white of your eyes appear whiter. This mascara has a brush end and comb end.

- 1 BN Revlon Lip Gloss in Toast of the Town
*This beige/golden lip gloss goes well on top of any lipstick and has just the right about of shimmer to look classy and not trashy, it also compliments the Coffret D'or eyeliner very well.

- 3 BNIB False Eyelashes
*For those of you who want to look extra special I included 3 really cute falsies (1 with rhinestones on it, 1 purple mixed lashes, and 1 long dramatic lashes). Whichever one you fancy that night!

Hope you guys like my picks. I wanted to do something fun so I thought up of this theme.

Here are the rules:
1. Must be a follower
2.Please leave a comment telling me how and why you got into blogging along with your email address.
3.You can double your chances to win if you post about my giveaway on your blog (you will be entered 2 times)! If you do please leave me a link to your posting :)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over HERE

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Winner of my Philippine Giveaway

Hello dearies! Thank you for those who joined my Philippine giveaway. I promise that this won't be the last. And on to the winner.....

And the winner is................



I'll contact you.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Update on my Ecotools Retractable Brush

A girl from Girltalk posted that something went wrong with her Ecotools Retractable Brush so it's unusable now. Since my Ecotools brush is my fave retractable brush, I was hoping something bad wouldn't happen to it too but now it has! Here in this picture, I'm showing you the bottom of the brush that should be stuck to the cover of the brush. I was just brushing my face when the brush came loose! Apparently the glue isn't so sturdy. Luckily, I think this is easily fixable with some super glue. But right now, it's still in my drawer waiting to be fixed. So to you Ecotools fans (and I know there are a lot), really use it gently because these babies, although are very nice, could be sturdier.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day of Mourning

I was supposed to post something today, but word spread out quickly that at 3:18AM today, Former President Corazon Aquino passed away. I was very young when she was president so I can't remember her as president, but she will always be an important person in Philippine history as the one who boldy ran against a dictator after the death of her husband. I'm sure many criticized her, but despite that, many more loved her. Even if I wasn't alive during the EDSA Revolution, I will always remember her as a very sincere and simple woman, who truly believed in serving the Filipino people. Let's pray for her soul.

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