Saturday, August 08, 2009

On to the Arts....

I went to watch Dulaang UP's Lulu yesterday. At the end of the show, I was delighted to hear the cast announce that they were grieving the Death of the National Artists Awards. The National Artist Award is given by the Philippine Government to those who have made the highest contribution to Philippine Art. This year, 4 names were submitted to become National Artists, but once they were submitted, 1 name was omitted to be replaced by 4 more others. This has become so controversial and National Artists are calling it, "dagdag bawas." In a way, they find that they are butchering the National Artists Awards. A protest was staged yesterday. I really wanted to come but I had work. I'm glad to see in the news that a lot of people attended it. Let us protect the integrity of the National Artists Awards.



I seriously am grieving for the death of the national artist awards. i wanted to come because i have tons of theatre friends who were behind the mock necrological service. too bad, i had to attend the gala night of lulu. and i'm afraid i might not make it to the show. my hubby dedicated his show last night to me so i can't miss it.

it was such a pitiful selection because even in the arts, corruption is rampant.

hindi na nga sinusustentuhan ng matino, bababuyin pa.

i am seriously against the elimination of Dean Ramon Santos in the list. AND WHAT'S MORE TACKY AND FUNNY, CARLO CAPARAS GOT IN! For Christ's sake, he wasn't even nominated!

The National Artist award is given to those people who have contributed so much to the betterment of our culture and arts. Why is it being lambasted all of a sudden and given to people who didn't even contribute IMPORTANT things in the local arts scene.

The palace released an answer saying that the awards is the prerogative of the president. So why bother getting votes from those who won the award in the past? Pambabastos na ito sa mga alagad ng sining.

What's the use of this award giving ceremony now? If I was a winner of the award, I'd feel ashamed, having this award for it has lost it's sole purpose and purity.



Crystal said...

martha, i have nothing naman against carlo caparas, but what happened was so shameful talaga. dr. santos expected this to happen na since i think he has enemies sa NCCA. we're petitioning that he be included. pero the point is not that they took his name out, it's that binababoy nga nila ang national artist awards. sa college of music, we are very enraged about what happened. we always knew that one day, dr. santos would become a national artist and now that his time has come, it's being taken away from him, all because of dirty politics.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

that is so sad to hear. i always hear this same kind of story na may "dayaan" or "corruption" whenever i watch philippine news.

also, my mom and i are planning to come home sa december. im trying not to tell people kc baka maudlot lol.

Steph said...

this is really infuriating. super bad politics na talaga nangyari. anyways, i dont really have anything against carlo caparas' works but he is not deserving of the award. he was given the award of national artist for film and visual arts. he is neither an illustrator (he is a collaborator) and director worth giving a prestigious national award. as many have said, there are other artists far more deserving of the award. i doubt that everyone who were given this years award made it to the final list to begin with. its so sad.

Crystal said...

becky, yeah this thing always happens in the phils. anyway, i hope that your trip pushes through!

steph, yep originally, there were 4 names. they took out 1 name and added 4 more! so much for integrity. nakakahiya.


those who are the rightful recipients, like amelia lapena- bonifacio, who's been nominated for almost 8 years now hasn't received anything yet. palibhasa, di kasi sipsip sa gobyerno. ano? mamatay na lang si prof. bonifacio di pa gagawaran ng award? hindi matatawaran ang pagsimula niya ng puppet theatre sa pilipinas. now that's what I call contribution to the arts.

Crystal said...

oo nga e, grabe noh? ibang klase ang bansa natin. pati ganito corrupt din. wish ko lang, next time, umayos na. sana bumalik na ang integrity ng national artist awards.

Crissy said...

I feel exactly the same way. Wish I could've gone to the mock necrological service. What makes it more surprising is that new categories were added.

Fine, Carlo Caparas is famous. But one of the criteria was respect of peers. With the way he's been acting, he still has to earn that. He's taking it too personally, thinking because he's not an elitist. What's being questioned in the first place was how he got chosen.

Dr. Santos was worthy of the award. I can't believe they did that to him.

Crystal said...

crissy, thank you for commenting dear! oo nga e, madami ngang galit about why carlo caparas was chosen too. dr. ramon santos really deserved to be a national artist. grabe talaga ang naging contribution niya to philippine music.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

i was watching the news earlier and they said carlo j caparas won the award and a lot of artists were protesting. i just thought abou t your blog when i was watching tv lol.

yeah my mom and i are planning to spend chirstmas in the P.I. Im so excited but i still have to save a lot of money lol.

Crystal said...

becky, LOL even if you read the comments in this blog, you'll see that a lot of people also don't understand why carlo caparas was awarded. regarding coming here, your dollars will come a looong way here :)

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