Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

Hello everyone! I rarely blog anymore but I would like to blog about this Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. I was on the hunt for a good physical scrub that both me and my husband could use (since we are both vain! haha). I remember reading good reviews about this scrub back then, so I did more researching and was finally convinced to buy it. At P645, it's not too expensive (I also used a BDJ coupon to get an additional 10% off).

Product size: 100g

I took a picture of the ingredients.

Description: A mask that contains mineral-enriched Brazilian sugar, and promotes smooth, glowing skin.

To use: After cleansing, massage onto damp face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. To minimize irritation, add water or toner while massaging. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

The scrub is composed of mostly brown-colored sugar. It has a citrus-y scent (not sure how to describe it) which I like because it's not too girly so my husband will enjoy putting it on his face, too! I applied a little bit of the scrub on my hand to show you how it looks like.

Once I start massaging the scrub onto my skin, the sugar starts melting, as you can see on the picture below.

I like how this doesn't contain any hydrogenated castor oil. I tend to stay away from that ingredient since I have extremely oily skin that can break out from that. Keep in mind though that this is not an oil-free product (for gals that need their products to be oil-free). The scrub can be a little bit abrasive on the skin, which is why it is best to follow the instructions and dilute it with something else. Nevertheless, after washing, the scrubbed part of my hand felt much smoother than the un-scrubbed part. Yay!

I tried this also on my face and noticed similar results. My face was smoother after I washed the scrub off. My face also seems brighter when I use this regularly in conjuction with my other favorite skincare products. My hubby enjoys using this too and he can't wait for a few days to pass so he can scrub his face again!

So to sum up:

  • Skin feels smoother and softer even after one use
  • No parabens and no hydrogenated castor oil

  • May be unhygienic for those who prefer their products in a tube
  • Not oil-free

  • For those with sensitive skin, do not use this undiluted and/or use only once a week.
  • Try not to get water inside the tub. I have a feeling that a little bit of the sugar can melt if it gets wet

Will I repurchase? Yes! It's nice to have something affordable that both me and my husband can enjoy.

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Cara said...

Glad you're at least semi-back :D

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