Sunday, June 26, 2011

My One Day Cleansing Experience with Juju Cleanse

I admit I am not a healthy eater. I want to have a healthy lifestyle, but it's just hard to resist the tempting food around me, so I knew that going on a cleanse would be a good idea. I read some good reviews about the Juju cleanse, so I decided that it was for me because: (1) it didn't need any preparation and (2) it was delivered right in my doorstep.

Since I just wanted to see if I could do a long cleanse, I signed up for a one-day level one cleanse. The level of the cleanse determines the ratio of vegetables to fruits. The higher the level, the more vegetables.

I opened my pack to find 6 bottles with an ice pack, as well as some mint tea leaves to put in my tea on the morning of my cleanse.

Each juice is numbered, so that there will be no confusion with the drinks.

So let's talk about the drinks:
Green bomb - This is the only drink that repeats during the day. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite drink. Too bad because I think this is the healthiest of the bunch because it's entirely from green vegetables.
Alkazest - This one tastes like fruit juice! I didn't have any trouble drinking this. It doesn't go well with water, though (I think it's because it has a high level of alkalinity).
Red giant - This tastes like a slightly better version of the green bomb.
Spicy lemonada - One of my favorite drinks! It tastes just like lemonade but with pepper so it gives it a kick.
Salaba't lemon - Honestly, the thought of drinking salabat seemed scary, but this one actually tasted good.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel hungry the whole day except for one time after my second drink. After my third drink, however, I felt fine. Just remember to drink lots and lots of water. Of course, all that drinking means more bathroom breaks, which are good for you!

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do this. If only cleansing for three days were easy. That is another step that I should take next time. 

The downside? This cleanse is expensive. However, the ingredients are all organic and the juice bottles are biiiig!
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Janelle said...

this makes me want to cleanse again. i went on a 7-day Master cleanse more than a year ago and i want to feel light and healthy again!

Catmare said...

Thanks for sharing this. I haven't heard about Juju cleanse before honestly. But your post got me curious. Seems nice. :)

Crystal said...

@janelle, wow kudos to you for doing a master cleanse! i wish i were that brave!

@catmare, other bloggers have reviewed it too and from what i've seen it was a pleasant cleanse :)

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