Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Back! + Mini Haul

Hey guys! I'm back from a really enjoyable vacation in Hong Kong! I've been back for a few days but I've been so stressed out from work that I haven't been able to blog until now. I'm just going to show you tiny tidbits from my trip. We actually just went to Ocean Park and HK Space Center this time, since I've been to HK several times already. We decided not to go to Disneyland anymore since we've been there twice, and the rides are really more for kids and I just go there for the shows, LOL. We spent most of our time shopping actually. However, I have never enjoyed eating on a trip more than this one. It was noodles and roast duck galore, not to mention the Haagen Daz ice cream overload, since it's cheaper in HK than here.

So I'd like to show you what I really enjoyed the most in Ocean Park: seeing pandas! I was so enamored by these panda bears. It's so easy to forget that they can be as ferocious as grizzly bears because they're just so cute! And boy, do they enjoy their green leaves! Here's one panda having lunch:

And of course, Ocean Park wouldn't be Ocean Park if they didn't have an aquarium. Here's my favorite picture of them all: jellyfish!

Of course, a trip abroad isn't complete with a little beauty mini-haul. First a MAC 222 brush. I'm glad they have it in HK because it's not available here. After buying this in Harbour City, I left the mall really quickly because I saw NARS, Benefit, MUFE and other brands beckoning me to come closer, but I didn't want to spend more.

And a shampoo and two treatments from Schwarzkopf.

I also bought Liesle hair dye but forgot to take a picture. It's really so much cheaper there than buying it from online sellers locally.

Unfortunately, I bought more than just beauty stuff. I also bought two multi-wear knit tops from Giordano, a leather bag, a pair of shoes from Crocs and 5 music books! So yes, I did spend more than I hoped for, but I'm happy!


Pammy said...

You were a good girl! I thought you'd be hauling like crazy when you mentioned you'd be going to HK. :P

Crystal said...

so good girl na pala ako? haha that's good to know. feeling ko bad na ako e. haha

CHARRY said...

lovely pictures! Ang cute ng Panda ;)

Crystal said...

haha oo super!

Askmewhats said...

hahah I remember waiting for a LOONONGGG time for the Panda to face my side, super smart and knows when you plan to take photo, the Panda I met in HK even covers his face with the leaves! :)

Nice Haul! Schwarzkopf is quite big in China and Hong Kong, di nga lang bagay syado sa akiN!

Crystal said...

i noticed nga that it's popular in HK. it's not bagay to you? i use schwarzkopf and ok naman for me :)

Catmare said...

Glad you had fun :)

I want to get the MAC 222 brush as well. Is it cheaper in HK or just the same?

Crystal said...

i didn't look at all the prices but parang mas mura sa HK :)

Catmare said...

I see. Thanks :)

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